Sierra 200-300KW Two-stage Compression Oil-free Screw Air Compressor


Sierra oil-free rotary screw compressors are ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 0 certified, delivering 100% oil-free for the most critical applications. With an efficient and robust design, these compressors are a reliable workhorse that ensure the productivity of your business.


-High efficiency 6KV/3PH/50HZ, 10KV/3PH/50HZ ODP motor
-Electrical protection grade NEMA4 (IP55)
-Two-stage compression oil-free screw main engine
-Automatic start/stop function
-Optional air-cooled and water-cooled aftercoolers with air-water separator
-Star Delta Launcher
-Xe Energy Saving Controller:
– Touch control
–Automatic start/stop control
– Remote start/stop control
– Up to 224 events can be recorded
– Set maintenance interval table
-79 dB(A) Low noise enclosure low pressure high pressure
-Unit size (mm): Air cooling: 3046 L x 1929 W x 2439 H 3798Lx1930Wx2490H
Water cooling: 3046 L x 1929 W x 2064 H 3798Lx1930Wx2282H
Low pressure high pressure 6Kv high pressure 10Kv
-Unit weight (kg): Air cooling: S200: 5222 6422 7292
Water cooling: S200: 4830 6030 6900
Air cooling: S250: 5262 6572 7422
Water cooling: S250: 4870 6180 7030
Air cooling: S300: 5512 6672 7522
Water cooling: S300: 5116 6280 7130