Standard UP base type air compressor scope of supply:
-Air-cooled 40 degree ambient temperature design to meet the requirements of all-weather operation
-380-415v/3ph/50hz, IEC standard design, IP55 TEFC three-phase induction motor
-Rugged main engine with built-in double-layer tapered roller bearing design
-Built-in star-delta start
-Air-cooled aftercooler
-Poly-V belt drive for easy maintenance
-The unit is equipped with SSR super coolant before leaving the factory
-Intellisys-C Intelligent Chinese Controller
-Touch control panel
-Automatic start/stop control
– error alarm
-NEMA 4 appliances
-Noise pressure: 65-69 dBA
-Unit size (mm): 15-22KW: 1228 L x 920 W x 1050 H
-Unit weight (kg): 15KW: 509; 18.5KW: 532; 22KW: 540
-The controller communication protocol is Mitsubishi CC-Link, which does not support Modbus communication protocol;
Communication interface is RS485