Parker ES2000 Series Oil / Water Separators


Efficient on-site disposal of compressed air condensate
with the Parker ES2000 Series oil/water separators.


Parker ES2000 Series of static oil/water separators are
designed to separate compressor oil from condensate
without the use of external power.
The oil/water condensate should be removed from
the compressed air system using a drainage method
appropriate for the unit.
Condensate from the system will enter the oil/water
separator under pressure, and is allowed to expand in
the specially designed centrifugal inlet chamber.
Liquid will drop out of the air stream as it impinges
on the chamber walls of the vortex generator, draining
without turbulence into the primary settlement
chamber below.
Dirt particles suspended in the condensate will settle
to the bottom of the primary settlement chamber and
the accumulating condensate will then flow into the
main settlement tank.
Entrained droplets of oil dispersed in the water will
rise to the surface due to the lower specific gravity of
the oil, eventually coalescing to form a thick layer on
the surface.
An adjustable oil funnel allows the oil to be
continuously skimmed off the surface. Drained oil is
collected in the external oil container where it can be
disposed of according to legal requirements.
Cleaner water taken from the bottom of the tank, flows
into the carbon stage, through a pre-filter, into the top
of the carbon bags.
Any entrained droplets of oil remaining are then removed by adsorption.
The cleaned water can now be safely discharged
to the foul sewer through the outlet.