Built-in permanent magnet (IPM) motor
• High-efficiency motor, far exceeding IE4 standard
• Compact and specially designed oil cooling method makes cooling more efficient
• No need for cooling fan, more energy saving
• Independent design from Belgium
• IP66 high protection level
• Oil-cooled motor without additional lubrication for bearings. Long operating life
New rotor
• Optimized rotor, better performance
• Made by Atlas Copco
• More reliable, efficient and quiet
Direct drive
• Upright design, fewer parts
• Oil-cooled, pressure sealed
• No gears and belts, no shaft seals
Classic after cooling design
Intake valve
• Heavy duty filter
• Less pressure drop
• Pressure drop indication, always reminded
• Integrated water separator
• Independent oil cooling and air cooling
• Simple maintenance
Reliable electric control box
• The electric control box is in a cold box design to ensure the service life of electrical components
• Permanent magnet motor (IPM) specially designed frequency converter
• Independent heat dissipation is more efficient
Built-in cold dryer
• Ensure air quality
• UD+ option is optional, meeting the 1:4:2 level of ISO8573.1
• The plug-and-play design minimizes the customer’s installation cost
Elektronikon® Fifth Generation Color Screen Computer
• Built-in intelligent algorithm to reduce overall system pressure and energy consumption
• Always monitor, timely alarm output, maintenance plan, network monitoring
• Support multiple languages
Innovative Neos inverter
• Atlas Copco’s independent research and development is very suitable for
Permanent magnet variable frequency motor (ipm) • IP5X protection level
• Reliable performance in harsh environments
• Fewer parts, compact, simple and friendly