Permanent magnet (IPM) motor
• IE4 high efficiency motor
•Compact structure, optimized oil cooling design, the effect is remarkable
•Independent design from Belgium
• The protection grade is IP66, which is significantly better than IP55
•Oil-cooled motor, no need for cooling fan
•Oil-lubricated motor bearings, no grease, extending effective working time
• Made by Atlas Copco
• Rugged and quiet
Direct drive
• Upright design, fewer parts
•Oil cooling, pressure sealed
• No gears and belts, no shaft sealing device
•Compact: footprint reduced by 60%*
New fan
• Based on new technology
• Low noise level
Oil filter/separator
•Integrated oil separator and oil filter on the thermostatic valve base
• Simple and convenient maintenance
Electronic drain valve
•Standard supply
• When condensate is discharged, there is no loss of compressed air
• In the case of power failure, the integrated manual bypass valve can effectively eliminate
Elektronikon® Fifth Generation Color Screen Computer
• Built-in intelligent algorithm to reduce overall system pressure and energy consumption
• Always monitor, timely alarm output, maintenance plan, network monitoring
• Support multiple languages
Intake valve
• Unobstructed air intake, no air retention
•Small pressure loss
• Maintenance-free
VSD+electric control box
•VSD+ series compressors are better than those driven by non-variable speed
•Electronic components are kept well cooled, which prolongs the effective working time of components
•Specially designed for IPM permanent magnet motors
•Standard DC variable frequency reactor
• The inverter is placed independently, with good heat dissipation and no compression heat