Oil-injected Screw Air Compressor GA 7-110 VSD+ (7-110 kW/10-150 hp)

Oil-injected Screw Air Compressor GA 7-110 VSD+ (7-110 kW/10-150 hp)

Atlas Copco’s GA7-110VSD+ series air compressor is equipped with variable speed drive as standard, built-in permanent magnet motor (IPM), compact structure, small footprint, average energy saving up to 50%, and can be used in harsh working conditions Stable operation. The advanced design of GA7-110VSD+ achieves cost reduction in a longer running time, and has won widespread attention and recognition in the compressor industry.


• Compared with the existing GA VSD series air compressor, the specific power is reduced by 8% on average
(SER). The high-efficiency VSD+ series models are more average than the constant speed drive air compressor
Energy saving 50%*. •Energy saving, FAD increases by 6% in the entire range*
• IE4 high efficiency motor (IPM)

High reliability
•Fully enclosed variable frequency drive chain design to ensure good operation in the harshest environment
• With unique experience and research and development, Atlas Copco will be a well-tested
Technology applied to existing components

• Beautiful new design, smaller battlefield area
• (VSD+) frequency conversion control standard supply, can also be built-in dryer
• Standard with more functions, while reducing unnecessary parts and options
• Ergonomic design improves material usage

• MK5 color screen control computer, making inspection and maintenance easier
• smartlink, you can get machine maintenance and operation information through emails and messages
•According to the ISO50001 energy management system, generate energy consumption reports according to customer needs

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