Oil-injected Screw Air Compressor GA7-75 VSDiPM (7-75Kw/10-100hp)


Efficient compressed air solution
The sophisticated drive and intelligent control of Atlas Copco’s GA7-75VSDiPM permanent magnet inverter compressor give it excellent reliability and efficiency. This series of compressors uses an embedded permanent magnet motor (iPM) and a compressor-specific inverter to achieve variable speed adjustment, which can achieve an average energy saving of more than 35%* compared with conventional fixed speed drive compressors, establishing a cost saving for the compressor industry And a new benchmark for stable performance.
*Refers to the energy-saving data obtained from long-term test averages of multiple machines in Atlas Copco factory


Leading monitoring and compressor combined control technology (option)
The new generation Elektronikon® controller has powerful control and monitoring functions, which can increase the operating efficiency and reliability of the compressor. The Elektronikon® controller improves the overall energy efficiency by controlling the operation of the main motor and controlling pressure fluctuations in a smaller pressure band.
Compressor united control technology (option)
The ES4i/ES6i joint control option can realize the centralized control of multiple compressors, reduce the system pressure and achieve the purpose of energy saving. Only one license and simple
Easy installation can realize the joint control of multiple compressors (ES4i can control 4 compressors, ES6i can control 6 compressors).