Oil-injected Screw Air Compressor GA 30+-90/GA 37-90 VSD (30-90 kW/40-125 hp)


The ultimate perfect solution for energy efficiency
Atlas Copco GA30+-90 series compressors bring you an excellent experience in durability, reliability and performance, while also minimizing your total cost. The choice of GAVSD, GA+ and GA three models provides the perfect compressed air solution for your needs to achieve the best return on investment. For the most demanding
Engraved design and manufacture of working conditions ensure users’ excellent production efficiency.


GAVSD: The ultimate energy saver
 The most advanced variable speed (VSD) technology in the industry, which saves an average of 35% energy compared with fixed speed compressors
 Industry-leading adjustment range and flexible pressure selection: 4-13bar
 Adopting a special motor and advanced frequency conversion technology, the compressor can be started with back pressure, and there is no waste of invalid operation
 The built-in dryer energy-saving operation function can save 60% of the energy consumption of the dryer
 High-resolution color screen intelligent Elektronikon® compressor controller

A new level of durability
GA30+-90 series can help you achieve excellent productivity by reducing production costs and maximizing effective production time. High-efficiency motors and high-performance rotors will reduce your operating costs
To the lowest. The built-in dryer uses R410A refrigerant to reduce ozone damage and protect the environment. The maintenance is convenient, and most of the work can be completed on one side, which maximizes the effective production time.

GA+: Industry performance leader
 Industry-leading displacement and specific power
 High-efficiency motor and high-efficiency rotor
 Low noise, suitable for on-site installation
 Built-in dryer reduces pressure loss and floor space. Environmental protection refrigerant R410A protects the environment
 High-resolution color screen intelligent Elektronikon® compressor controller