Oil-injected Screw Air Compressor GA 15-26


Meet all your needs for compressed air
Atlas Copco provides you with industry-leading and reliable oil-injected screw compressors to reduce production costs and benefit more.
GA15-26 high-quality, high-reliability air compressor, and low initial investment


A 15-26
Rugged motor and rotor
• GA15-26 adopts high-efficiency motor and cooperates with a new type rotor for the most efficient use
• Compared with belt drive, gear drive efficiency is 2-3% higher
• The gear drive has high reliability and low maintenance
Leading monitoring
• Elektronikon®’s built-in network cable outlet interface allows Ethernet connection,
Monitoring is easier
• Output service, alarm, error detection and other signs, remote start and stop of the compressor
• Option to provide Elektronikon® color-screen version of the controller to further enhance the compressor remote control and service time display function
High-tech oil and gas separator
• Avoid oil pollution: thanks to the vertical design of the oil separation tank to further reduce
Low oil residue
• The smallest oil separation tank volume minimizes the compressed air loss during loading and unloading
Complete compressed air solution
• Built-in dryer can avoid condensation and corrosion in the pipe network. The optional filter can make the compressed air quality reach ISO Class 1 (<0.01ppm) • Standard configuration water separator • In addition, the built-in dryer uses a non-destructive electronic drain valve to save energy Easy to install • Plug and play design, tailored to avoid troublesome installation or supporting users Build • Optional model with built-in dryer • Forklift transportation is easier • Small footprint