Oil-injected Screw Air Compressor GA 11+-30


Industry-leading compressor
The leading GA11+-30 compressor has the best air volume in the industry, setting a new record in the industry. The integrated solution can provide high-quality compressed air in low-cost operations, as well as expandable monitoring requirements.


Reliable motor and drive system
• Gearbox drive is maintenance-free and durable
• Motor bearings are lubricated with grease for life to avoid subsequent troubles
• Thanks to the installation and new rotors, FAD free air displacement has been increased by 6-17%, and power consumption has been reduced by 3-12%
Electric control cabinet
• Further improve the life of electronic components by reducing the temperature in the cabinet
• Standard configuration phase sequence protector to avoid damage to the electric control cabinet
Leading control
• High-tech Elektronikon® color-screen version of the controller, alarm, compressor start and stop and maintenance cycle display
• Option ES6, can control 6 compressors together
Complete compressed air solution
• Built-in dryer adopts counter-flow heat exchanger, built-in water separator, optional energy-saving cycle period of dryer
• Built-in dryer can add option UD+ filter to reduce oil content to 0.01ppm
• The water separator in the aftercooler can remove water 100% in almost all cases, and is equipped with a non-destructive electronic drain valve as standard
Energy-saving features
• Optional energy recovery system
• Optional circulating energy-saving fan to reduce energy consumption