Oil-free Scroll Air Compressor .W17-33i.


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High efficiency 380V/3PH/50Hz motor, protection grade TEFC-IP44
-Motor efficiency class IE2
-Oil-free scroll main engine
-Cooling method: air cooling
-On/Off control
-Provide two control modes: local control and remote control (dry contact)
-Output dry contact: alarm signal, abnormal signal, operation signal
-Input dry contact: remote/local switch, remote power on/off switch
-Maximum operating environment temperature: 40 degC
W17, W22: 61+3db(A)
W33: 63+3db(A)
-Unit size (mm):
W17: 1280 L x 770 W x 1480 H
W22: 1330 L x 880 W x 1900 H
W33: 1360 L x 1030 W x 1670 H
-Unit weight (kg):
W17: 515
W22: 720
W33: 1000