-High efficiency 380V/3PH/50HZ variable frequency motor, protection grade IP55
-Electrical protection class NEMA1 (IP23)
-Two-stage compression oil-free screw main engine
-Automatic start/stop function
-Optional air-cooled and water-cooled aftercoolers with air-water separator
-Frequency conversion start
-Built-in frequency converter, adopting centralized and unified control
-KT Intelligent Controller:
–Chinese and English bilingual switching interface
–15 historical event records
–Load/unload control with automatic start/stop function
–Standard RS485 communication interface, support MODBUS communication protocol
–Standard configuration of 4-20mA conversion function of unit exhaust temperature and exhaust pressure signal
-Water cooled 76dB(A) air cooled 79 dB(A) low noise enclosure
-Unit size (mm): Air cooling: 3048 L x 1930 W x 2438 H
Water cooling: 3048 L x 1930 W x 2065 H
-Unit weight (kg): Air cooling: S200: 5422
Water cooling: S200: 5030
Air cooling: S250: 5562
Water cooling: S250: 5170
Air cooling: S300: 5812
Water cooling: S300: 5420