Marine Screw Air Compressor with CCS Product Certificate

Marine Screw Air Compressor with CCS Product Certificate

We provide genuine Ingersoll Rand air compressors and genuine Ingersoll Rand accessories, OEM parts or replacement.Please visit our website Https:// for the latest information about our products .We also supply other brands of compressor and spare parts ,like Atlas Copco ,Sullair and so on.


-380-415v/3ph/50hz, IEC standard design, IP55 TEFC three-phase induction motor
-Air-cooled 40 degree ambient temperature design to meet the requirements of all-weather operation
37kW model can even run at 46℃ harsh environment temperature
-Chinese intelligent controller SCi, with automatic start/stop, fault alarm, built-in star-delta start
-NEMA 4 electrical protection level
-With remote start-stop control function
-Factory filled with Ultra-Coolant super coolant, the service life is up to 8,000 hours or 2 years
-Operating noise: 65-69 dBA
-With CCS marine product certificate
-The controller communication protocol is Mitsubishi CC-Link, which does not support Modbus communication protocol;
Communication interface is RS485

Important Note:
1. CCS Type Approval Certificate Product Range: 15-22kw, 380-460V, 50Hz/60Hz, SCi Chinese controller, GB150 cylinder, pressure and corresponding air volume are shown in the following table
2. Air compressors that have obtained the CCS product certificate can only be used in: 1) non-hazardous areas on board; 2) non-emergency air compressors
3. The validity period of the CCS Type Approval Certificate of CIEM Factory is May 7, 2021
4. CCS product certification on-site inspection fee is based on the number of on-site visits from CCS to CIEM
5. Any non-standard may lead to exceeding the scope of the type approval certificate, please confirm with the technical support of the product marketing department in advance.

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