Ingersoll Rand High Pressure Piston Compressor



Heavy-duty cast iron cylinder
-Heavy steel structure base
-High efficiency TEFC motor, IP55, 1.15SF service factor
-Interstage safety valve and pressure gauge
-FF series interstage and final stage sewage pipe install automatic sewage valve
-HP series are equipped with manual drainage; FF series are equipped with automatic drainage
-V belt drive
-FF series comes standard with enclosed iron cover (except H15T4, H15T6)
-HP series is steel mesh protective cover
-FF series standard low oil level switch
-HP series standard DOL starter
-FF series standard star-delta start
-Control mode: automatic start and stop, except for PA-15/30-FF standard with constant speed control
-Standard after cooler
-High pressure switch (sent randomly)
-Magnetic starter (sent randomly)