E-LED Mobile Lighting Tower ——HiLight E3 +

E-LED Mobile Lighting Tower ——HiLight E3 +


The new plug-and-play LED mobile lighting tower can adapt to harsh environments
The updated HiLight E3+ will be able to adapt to the most demanding conditions of construction sites, outdoor activities and temporary public lighting facilities to achieve reliable operation. The company’s innovative HardHat® case protects its internal electronics, control panels and connectors from components. At the same time, the certified wind resistance of the entire assembly, including the 7-meter heavy mast, is 100 km/h.

Plug and play
HiLight E3+ mobile lighting tower provides a flexible lighting solution that allows users to easily plug in any power source (including auxiliary power, generator or directly into the grid).

One 6kW P8000 generator can be used for up to 10 HiLight E3+

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