Delivery Gardner Denver Air Compressor :GDK55HPM-A

It rained heavily today, and we picked up a GD air compressor. The factory packaging was very good, but it was still soaked by the rain.

GDK Series Oil Lubricated Screw Air Compressor 7-75kW

Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver brand of Ingersoll Rand Group, founded in 1859, focuses on the development of innovative products and engineeringsolutions to solve operational problems for our customers. With global collaboration, strong customer service awareness and profound applicationexpertise,we provide reliable and energy-efficient equipment for a variety of manufacturing and process applications. Since March 1, 2020, Ingersoll Rand Industrial Group and Gardner Denver have formally merged to form a new Ingersoll Rand company.

Now, as a larger and stronger company, we can better provide you with more comprehensive solutions and a wider portfolio ofproducts and services. Driven by entrepreneurship and a sense of ownership, the new Ingersoll Rand company is committed tocreating a better life for our employees, customers and those around us.

GDK series product line is the fifirst product line designed by integrating the advantages of the product lines of Ingersoll Rand Industrial Group and Gardner Denver Industrial Group in Asia-Pacific after their merger.It’s completely tailored for the fundamental manufacturing industry in Asia-Pacifific. In addition to stringent engineering design and quality control, the comprehensive solution of the complete and after sales service has excellent perfomance to price competitiveness among brands of the same class.

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand Inc. (NYSE:IR), driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and ownership mindset, is dedicated to helping make life better for our employees, customers and communities. Customers lean on us for our technology-driven excellence in mission-critical flflow creation and industrial solutions across 40+ respected brands where our products and services excel in the most complex and harsh conditions. Our portfolio of products consists of air compressors, pumps, blowers, and systems for flfluid management, loading and material handling as well as power tools. With over 16,000 employees globally, our team develops customers for life through their daily commitment to expertise, productivity and eciency. For more information,visit

The GDK series product line is located in Ingersoll Rand Wujiang Industrial Park. Ingersoll Rand Wujiang Industrial Park, completed in 2008, covers a total flfloor area of 230,000 square meters and a construction area of 91,000 square meters. With more than 700 employees, it is one of the largest investments of Ingersoll Rand Industrial Group in the world. As a world-class integrated enterprise, the Wujiang Factory provides fifirst-class services for different business groups and partners, with the vision of good customer experience, excellent manufacturing process, fifirst-class product quality, attitude of continuous improvement and high employee satisfaction.
The manufacture, quality inspection and quality control of GDK series products will be completed in Ingersoll Rand Wujiang Industrial Park; its supplier on-site evaluation, production part approval process, incoming quality control, warehouse inventory management, production and manufacturing process, testing and inspection, fifinished product quality control, outgoing quality control and warranty are strictly based on the quality regulations of Ingersoll Rand Wujiang Factory

Product Parameters  GDK07-GDK75

ModuleMotor PowerExhaust PressureVolumetric FlowDimensionsWeightConnection
kWbar(g)m3/min(L x W x H)mmkg
GDK30-7A3075.431544*884*1405692G1 1/4
GDK30-8A3085.211544*884*1405692G1 1/4
GDK30-10A30104.61544*884*1405692G1 1/4
GDK37-7A3776.341544*884*1405742G1 1/4
GDK37-8A3785.831544*884*1405742G1 1/4
GDK37-10A37105.341544*884*1405742G1 1/4
GDK45-7A4578.231544*884*1405870G1 1/4
GDK45-8A4587.821544*884*1405870G1 1/4
GDK45-10A45106.61544*884*1405870G1 1/4
GDK55-7A55710.61969*1234*16051472G 2
GDK55-8A558101969*1234*16051472G 2
GDK55-10A55108.61969*1234*16051472G 2
GDK75-7A75713.411969*1234*16051482G 2
GDK75-8A758131969*1234*16051482G 2
GDK75-10A751011.31969*1234*16051482G 2
14bar unit option is available for GDK07-22

Product Parameters :GDK30HPM-GDK75HPM

ModuleMotor PowerExhaust PressureVolumetric FlowDimensionsWeightConnection
kWbar(g)m3/min(L x W x H)mmkg
GDK30HPM-A307-101.8-5.61544*884*1405620G1 1/4
GDK37HPM-A377-102.3-6.71544*884*1405670G1 1/4
GDK45HPM-A457-102.8-8.01544*884*1405770G1 1/4

GDK07-22HPM coming soon

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