Zhichen International Trade (Shanghai ) Co .,Ltd

We specialize in Supplying Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor and Spare Parts.We have more than 10 years of experiences in Air Compressor System Solution and services. Our main customer located in Asia, USA, UK, French, Middle East, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine,Australia, New Zealand , Jordan, Qatar, Dubai UAE, Pakistan, African , UK, and So on.

Our main customers and partners is the distribution and wholesale of Industrial Air Compressor Engineering and Project Services, Installation, Repair, Maintenance and Ovehaul Services in the world.

The company has been focusing on providing customers with safer, more efficient and energy-saving air compression systems, and has accumulated rich experience over the years. As the company’s scale and service team have grown, the company’s business has become more extensive and professional. So far, we can provide customers with support in the following areas:

1.Oil-free Airend Overhaul Service.

2.Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors.

3.Ingersoll Rand Original Spare Parts,OEM parts and Replacements.

4.Atlas Copco Air Compressors ,Original spare parts and replacemnets,Generator , Light Tower.

5.Gardner Denver air compressors and spare parts.

6.Compair air compressors and sapre parts.

7.Sullair air compressor and spare parts.

Air compressors belong to the general equipment category and are widely used in steel, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textiles, electronics, chemicals, petroleum, mining, light industry, machinery manufacturing, paper printing, transportation facilities, food and medicine, casting spraying, shipping terminals, and military industries. Technology, automotive industry, aerospace, infrastructure and other fields.

  1. Machinery manufacturing industry: such as processing center program control, modular machine tool program control, parts testing, equipment testing, automobile assembly, oxygen and nitrogen equipment, production lines, spraying, inflation and industrial robots, etc.;
  2. Metallurgical industry: such as metal smelting, sintering, cold rolling, hot rolling, bundled packaging of wire rods and plates, continuous casting and rolling production lines, etc.;
  3. Light industry: such as textiles, household appliances, leather shoes and clothing, printing, packaging, furniture, cigarettes, food, pharmaceuticals, glass, building materials, etc.;
  4. Electronics, laboratory, and precision instrument industries: play a great role in the production of some high-precision electronic products, the process of experimental testing, and the control and testing of precision instruments;
  5. In the chemical and military industries, there have been a large number of applications for the transportation of chemical raw materials, the filling of hazardous liquids, the packaging of explosives, the automatic control devices of torpedoes, the automation equipment of ships, and oil drilling and other equipment;
  6. In the power industry, applications such as power plant auxiliary equipment control, coal-fired transportation, ash removal, and industrial water treatment are essential;
  7. In the transportation industry, brake brakes of trains, lane changing devices of railroad tracks, opening and closing of vehicle doors and windows, automatic control of subways, automatic equipment of ships, maintenance of aircraft, inflation of automobile hovercraft, loading and unloading of docks, etc. Pneumatic devices are widely used;
  8. In the aerospace industry, because pneumatic devices can withstand high acceleration speeds in addition to radiation and high temperatures, they have gradually been widely used in the control of modern aircraft, rockets, and missiles.
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